This guide will go over the following:

1. What are the Testing Metrics

2. How to use the Metrics Data to make Testing Decisions 

3. Can some Metrics be disabled? 

4. Additional info on using Metrics

1. What are the Testing Metrics

Adalysis can generate Ad test results for 6 popular metrics below.  The metrics are tested independently of each other.  By default, all 6 metrics will be included in all single-adgroup and multi-adgroup tests.  
When appropriate, we use the metrics that you would see in your Google Ads account so that it's easier to examine the information in both places:

MetricAdalysis InterfaceAdwords Interface
CTR (click through rate)CTRCTR
Conversion RateConv. rate Conv. rate 
CPI (Conversion per Impressions)Conv. / Impr.N/A
CPA: Cost Per ConversionCost / conv.Cost / conv.
ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)Conv. value / costConv. value / cost
RPI (Revenue Per Impression)Conv. value / Impr.N/A

2. How to use the Metrics Data to make Testing Decisions
When Adalysis finds a statistically significant test result, with confidence of 90% or higher, it will display the confidence found as either 90%, 95% or 99%.  Confidence values of less than 90% are displayed as --.  For example, the below test result has a statistically significant CTR result with confidence of 99%.

The higher the confidence, the more sure one can be about the long term validity of the result.  Higher confidence levels generally require more data. Hence, dependent on your testing strategy and account volume, you will decide what confidence level you'd want to first get before pausing loser ads.  You can use thresholds to control the minimum confidence you want tests to first have before winners are declared.



Here is more information on what metrics to focus on during your testing:


3. Can some Metrics be disabled?


You can disable metrics that don't apply to your account. Disabling a metric will result in it not showing on the test result screens, hence allowing you to focus only on what is relevant.  For example, accounts that don't set a Conversion value will not have or need any test results for Conv. value/ Cost and Conv. value / Impr.


Metrics can be specified at the: 

  • Google Ads account level i.e. apply to tests run on all linked campaigns.
  • Campaign level: hence override the account value for a specific campaign.
You can enable/disable the metrics as needed by clicking the Ad Testing Settings of your account, under the A/B Ad Tests tab. 

Now you will be able to see Account ad testing metrics overview. You can disable unnecessary ones by unselecting the checkboxes next to the irrelevant metrics.


4. Related Info